The National Farm Art Sculpture Award is for sculptures that showcase and capture the uniqueness of the Australian landscape, flora, fauna, and lifestyle of living on the land. 

These sculptures must be created predominantly from metal and represent the art form “farm art”. The re-use of old machinery and equipment is encouraged. 

We invite you and your associates to participate in this non-acquisition award. First prize in the National Farm Art Sculpture Award receives $10,000 prize money, with their art work remaining their own property.

Information pack

The Sculpture’s Information Pack includes registration fees, terms and conditions, awards and prizes, commissions and event schedules.

If you wish to make an enquiry or enter your art into this year’s competition please follow the link below or contact the Committee who will be able to deal with your request in the correct manner.

Sculpture categories

National Farm Art Sculpture Award

Prize | $10,000

National Farm Art Sculpture (Highly Commended Award)

Prize | $1,000

Sculpture by Female Artist Award

Prize | $1,000

Local Artist Award

Prize | $1,000

Small Sculpture Award

Prize | $1,000

Creative Cocky Award

Prize | $1000

Free Spirit Award

Prize | $1,000

People’s Choice Award

Prize | $1,000

Youth Award (Under 18)

Prize | Under 12 years $100 - Under 12-18 $200


Registration is open to emerging and established artists who can exhibit in any or all categories. There is no limitation on the number of entries.

Entry fee of $25 or $5 (for Youth Artist and small sculptures categories only) for each entry payable to Spirit of The Land Lockhart Inc.

Entries close: 30 September 2024
A brief resume and personal photograph is requested for promotional purposes and on display during the festival.

Key Dates:
Intention to Exhibit to be submitted by Monday 9 September 2024.
Entries close on Monday 30 September 2024.
Installation of sculptures must be completed by 4pm on Thursday 10 October 2024.
Judging is on Friday 11 October 2024.
Collection of Exhibits between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday 12 October 2024.

Early registration will assist with our national promotional campaign and photographs of artworks would also be appreciated. These can be emailed or posted.



National Farm Art Award

“George the Friesian Bull" 

Grahame Edmonds

National Farm Art Award

“Bin Chook” 

2023 category winners

National Farm Art Sculpture Award

Prize | $10,000
Andy McGill | Friesian Bull

Highly Commended | Peoples Choice Award

Prize | $500 | $1000
Staurt Taylor | Murray Cod

Highly Commended Award

Prize | $500
Peter Murray | Crocodile

Creative Cocky Award

Prize | $1,000
James Corby | Rustic Alarm Clock

Local Artist Award

Prize | $1,000
Joe Dowdle | Inner Circles

Small Sculpture Award

Prize | $1,000
David Fenwick | Keep the Rabbits Out 

Youth Artist Award (12 - 18)

Prize | $200
Jeremy Marsh | Spare Parts the Fish 

Youth Artist Award (Under 12)

Prize | $100
Hamish & Jobe Cunninghan | Springy Tuna 

Contact us

If you require additional information regarding Sculptures please contact:
Julie Lamont | 0427 205 443
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