Fines Arts Painting

We are looking for art works that celebrate the spirit of the land, its people, flora, fauna, and lifestyle of living on the land, and their important connection to each other.

This is an open section and may depict subject matter of the artist’s choice.

Includes indigenous artists whose work celebrates the spirit of the land, its people, flora and fauna.


We are looking for striking photographic prints encompassing landscape, portrait, and people in our landscape, and image that best captures ‘Australian Spirit of the Land’.

Information pack

The Fine Arts and Photography Information Pack includes registration fees, terms and conditions, awards and prizes, and event schedules.
If you wish to make an enquiry or enter your art in this year’s competition, please follow the link below or contact the Committee who will be able to deal with your request in the correct manner.

Fine Arts Awards (any medium excluding photography)

Spirit of the Land and its People Award

Prize | $1,000

Open Section Award

Prize | $500

Indigenous Artwork

Prize | $500

Fine Arts Photography

Australian Spirit of the Land Award

Prize | $1,000

Australian Spirit of the Land - Highly Commended Award

Prize | $500

Australian Spirit of the Land - Youth Award

Prize | $500

Peoples Choice Award Fine Arts or Photography 

Fine Arts or Photography

Prize | $1,000



Spirit of the Land & it's people

“Campers along the Goulburn” 


Spirit of the Land & it's people

“Kids, Ponies & Summer Holidays” 

2023 category winners

Fine Arts Awards

Spirit of the Land and Its People

Prize | $1,000
Vicki McKoy | ‘Campers along the Goulburn’

Peoples Choice Award  

Prize | $1000
Donna Brown | 'Best Mates'

Open Section Award

Prize | $500
Sophie Chauncy | 'Black Chinned Honeyeater'

Indigenous Award

Prize | $500
Patricia Cerminara | 'My Yinairs'

photography Awards

Australian Spirit of the Land

Prize | $1,000
Rhonda Wheeler | 'Rivergums'

Highly Commended Award

Prize | $500
David Ball | 'Behind the Shadow' 

Australian Spirit of the Land Youth Award

Prize | $500
Abbey Bergmeier | 'Weir at Sunset'


Registration is open to all emerging and established artists. Artists may exhibit in any or all categories. There is no limitation on the number of entries.
Entry fee is $5 for each entry, payable to Spirit of The Land Lockhart Inc.
Early registration is encouraged, and an ‘Intention to Exhibit’ can be emailed to [email protected]

Key Dates are below:
Intention to Exhibit to be submitted by Monday 9 September 2024.
Entries close on Monday 30 September 2024.
Installation of artworks will be on Thursday 10 October 2024.
Judging is on Friday 11 October 2024.
Collection of Exhibits from 2pm on Sunday 12 October 2024.

A brief resume and personal photograph is requested for promotion purposes and to use with displays during the Festival.

Installation of works

Installation of artworks: All artwork/photography is to be delivered to the Lockhart Memorial Hall, Green Street, Lockhart between 9am and 4pm, Thursday 10 October 2024.

Award Presentations

Prize winners will be announced at the Spirit of the Land Awards Presentation Night. 

Contact us

If you require additional information regarding the Fine Arts sections of the Festival, please contact:
Liz Lane | 0458 295 222
Entries & payments to:
Spirit of the Land Festival
PO Box 98
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