SOL Market Stalls



1.   Preference given to stallholders who comply with Food Handlers policies and regulations.
2.   Preference will be given to ‘Make It, Bake It, Grow It, Breed It’ stalls.
3.   Correct procedures and promptness of payments is essential. Credit card payments will incur a 3% surcharge.
4.   Stalls that are bright and festive, with clean presentation and interesting appearance.
5.   Quality Stock.
6.   Level of professionalism and experience.
7.   New and innovative ideas.
8.   Stallholders WILL NOT be permitted to use public address systems.
9.   Abuse will not be tolerated by any Spirit of the Land committee member or volunteer.
10.  The Spirit of the Land committee have the right to refuse or decline any application.


Please read the following information thoroughly, as your stall may be subject to closure if the Stall Operator Conditions are not adhered to.


Full payment to ‘Spirit of the Land Inc.’ P O Box 98, Lockhart  NSW  2656.  Please include a stamped self- addressed envelope and copy of current Public Liability Insurance policy, stipulating market stalls


Your registration form must be submitted with payment in full, and received no later than 7 October 2019.


It is of the utmost importance that every effort is made to create a colourful and festive aura throughout the Festival site.  You are required to decorate your stall in a manner that reflects your goods and attracts patrons.


If the stallholder wishes to cancel this contract less than 60 days prior to the Festival, the organisers will retain 50% of the total site fee.  Any cancellations after this date will not be refundable.


The market will take place in Green Street, Lockhart in the main business area.  Stalls will be set up in the centre of the roadway, back to back facing both footpaths.  Each site will be 3m x 3m and your merchandise must remain within the allocated space.  Each stall will be spaced by approximately 1m.  You will require a gazebo for shade and shelter.  Please be aware weights to hold your gazebo as pegs cannot be used.  You are permitted to leave your gazebo, tables, etc, within your allocated area overnight at your own risk.


Green Street will be closed from approximately 6am on Saturday 12 October 2019 and will reopen at 4pm on Sunday 13 October 2019.  Upon arrival, please enter the Green Street market area at Matthews Street roundabout.  Stallholder vehicles are permitted to enter the market area at Matthews Street and travel in a westerly direction only.  After unloading your vehicle, please move it from the market area ASAP.  This will allow a free flow of vehicles by stall holders.  There is no dedicated parking for stallholders.  Stallholders will be required to leave their site(s) clean, tidy and free of packaging.  If this is not complied with, future event applications will be refused.

No vehicle is permitted to enter the Green Street market area between Matthews Street and Urana Street between 8:30am and 4pm.  Vehicles are to utilise hazard lights when travelling in the road closure area.


Stallholders will be expected to operate throughout the Festival (both Saturday and Sunday) from 9am to 4pm.  You are permitted to operate longer if you wish.  You must take full responsibility for props, product stalls etc in transit and otherwise.  Spirit of the Land does not accept any responsibility for product damage, personal injury, stolen items, customer returns/credits, stall cash flow.  Prices of products are to be fair and reasonable.  Any custom orders taken are your responsibility and the pick-up and delivery options must be arranged between yourself and the customer.


A minimum of $10,000,000 Market Public Liability Insurance is compulsory for all stallholders.  A copy of your Public Liability Policy must be forwarded with your application.  This all must be received before the Market date.   The name of the stallholder and the policy owner must be the same.  Products listed on the market public liability policy are the only products to be sold.  Spirit of the Land accepts no responsibility and holds no liabilities.


Stallholders may not extend beyond the boundaries of their nominated site. It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto the walkways with their racks or display goods.  When deciding what stall site size you require, include entire stall including all ropes and awnings.  If you arrive at the Festival and your stall is bigger than you indicated, you will not fit.  Areas will be checked to ensure safe and hazard free environment.  It is your responsibility to remove any products that may create a health and safety issue.


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