With a prize pool of over $20,000, the Spirit of the Land Festival attracts high calibre artists from across Australia.

The Festival includes exhibitions in Sculptures, Fine Arts and Photography.

Sculpture Awards


  • $10,000 National Farm Art Sculpture Award
  • $500 Highly Commended x 2
  • $1,000 Creative Cocky Award
  • $1,000 Local Artist Award
  • $1,000 Small Sculpture Award
  • $500 Youth Artist Award
  • $1,000 Spirit of the Land Award
  • $1,000 Free Spirit Award
  • $1,000 People’s Choice Award

Fine Arts Awards

  (Any medium excluding Photography)  


  • $1,000 Spirit of the Land and its People Award
  • $500 Open Section Award
  • $500 Highly Commended Award
  • $1,000 People’s Choice Award

Fine Arts Photography


  • $1,000 Australian Spirit of the Land Award
  • $500 Australian Spirit of the Land Award, Highly Commended
  • $500 Australian Spirit of the Land, Youth Award
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